Monday, 8 August 2011

A poem for my Grandma

My dinners over Grandma’s,
banquets fit for royalty.
My plates piled high, food scrapes the sky,
she really spoils me!
Then after tea, five-year-old me
and Grandma will duet.
It's ‘Uptown Girl’ by Billy
or a Carpenters cassette.

From tot to teen, there’s always been
my Grandma – always there.
Trying our best to win ‘Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire?’
We’re phoning up Chris Tarrant
(though he never phones us back)
We’re millionaires in laughter
from day-break ‘til skies turn black.

The Phantom of the Opera sings
to Christine, ‘All I Ask’.
We’re off to Manchester, see
Peter Karrie don the mask!
We write to Peter Karrie
(though he never writes us back)
But still, we won’t forget
his smashing chandelier attack!

From teens to twenties, now thirties,
through times happy and sad,
My Grandma’s faith in me’s one of
the greatest gifts I’ve had.
No calls from Chris, no letters from
The Phantom, these I lack.
But Grandma’s always loved me
and I’ve always loved her back.

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